CEO 인사말

Our company has been established on Aug.24,2004 with the name of FLOWONE [ FLOW : the field of fluid service and ONE : the best ] contained our willingness what we want to be a leading company in Total Piping System businesses.

To be based on this management philosophy, we are trying to open new field of total Piping System businesses in the plant factory and construction, the petroleum, oil refining industry and the developmental equipment total Piping System businesses.

Together with the know-how which technical power and the many years and spontaneity service, we supply the product of good quality with economies of scale to the customer. Moreover, it had become the company compared is equipping the best role of competitive power improvement with the customer. We grew as the novelty one enterprise grows the partner relationship which goes out it pursues to be strong, continuity.

By all solutions which embody FLOWONE we have been developing repeatedly into world-wide MARKET PLACE with going out Korean and international market.

We are appreciative to everyone that watching FLOWONE and give the much guidance and encouragement to our family working with sincerity and trying item development go first the expectation of the customer.

Thanks a lot.
Chul-Geun, Mun
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